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18 March 2020 | number 9
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Since yesterday evening it is completely clear that our Government will compensate the approach to the financial wage cost damage for employers, including Moofpeople as a specialized payroll company, even more generously compared to the earlier reports about the Part-time WW.

This extended regulation is called: Temporary Emergency Bridging Measure for Job Retention (NOW).
Main principles of this expansion:
  • For a period of 3 months, March-May 2020, do not dismiss employees on economic grounds. In other words, job security for every employee at this point
  • Continued payment of wages of 100% to all employees during this period, including employees working at 0 hours or on-call basis cf. the legal rules
  • Demonstrable decrease in turnover of at least 20% calculated from 1 March 2020 (therefore a bit of retroactive effect)
  • Depending on the amount of the decrease in turnover, there is a scale that ultimately determines the amount of the wage cost subsidy (to be paid by the UWV to Moofpeople). This wage cost subsidy will then amount to a maximum of 90% (so there remains a part of the deductible wage costs, about which I hope to be able to give more clarity, in terms of policy)
  • In the coming days, the NOW will be elaborated in more detail and policy rules

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We, Moofpeople, take care of the employership for your employees. We pay the wages for the next 3 months to all our payroll employees working for you. Those who cannot work on the basis of the NOW described above and of course those who can work (whether or not from home) on the basis of the normal situation (unchanged from the period before the corona outbreak).
In addition, we are going to and do not have to dismiss anyone on economic grounds during these 3 months. That gives peace of mind, for everyone. From this rest we hope to be able to make progress together again. To endure this uncertain time and survive.

We will also be of service in the field of inventory of loss of turnover. We already know the decrease in turnover of a large number of our customers, as a result of the part-time WW forms that have already been submitted in recent days. We will of course include this information in the final wage cost damage determination. For the short term (a few days) this document may still be used towards Moofpeople. As soon as the new policy rules have been determined, we will of course come up with further instructions.
We will also be of service around the enormous amount of questions that will undoubtedly come (again). Give us some extra time (and especially rest), because the most important thing for the short term (known within the NOW for now so 3 months): the wage payments to the employees are well arranged by us. Pass this on to the employees, so that they can also remain vital due to the certainty of finances. With the added plus: vital employees can help fellow human beings who need help more. Take good care of each other. Be of service to one other.

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Above all, we are grateful that no serious cases of corona are known in our immediate vicinity. From my personal conviction that we receive health and cannot buy it, I wish everyone a very good health and the sick among us and in our society: Heartily wishing them well!

On behalf of Moofpeople,
Adrie Achterberg

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