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For employees


Small and Medium Business

Focus and certainty

Every company is faced with the question; do it yourself or have it done. Many choose to outsource everything that has to do with (legal) employership. Because it is a specialist task with many responsibilities. Contract forms, notice periods, statutory regulations, collective labor agreements, terms of employment, etc. All things that distract you as an entrepreneur from your actual goal; to undertake. And yet you want to be sure that this is all really well arranged.

Convenience and support

The convenience of a party that understands what you do, how you want to deal with your employees and translates all this into daily carefree support is crucial. Moofpeople does nothing but take these worries off the hands of the entrepreneur. So that they can continue to focus on their core business, but remain in control without the daily hassle. It is not without reason that people often say: “I wish you a lot of staff”. With Moofpeople, that wish can easily come true because we do the usual things around being an employer in an unusually good way and without any worries.

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