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Unusually carefree

As an employer, you should be able to trust that we take care of all matters concerning your employership, both in terms of administration and legal care. For you, this means fewer risks related to illness, absenteeism and dismissal, less administrative burden and more flexibility. At the same time, we offer you insight into your actual costs and demonstrable savings.


on the road together

Often a collaboration starts in the field of payrolling; the settlement and remuneration of employees. Our is fully equipped for this. Regardless of your industry, collective labor agreement or other special matters. Additional profit can be achieved if we know how to find the right people for your organization, talents that fit the culture and the challenge, then the drive to become successful is created. Reduces absenteeism and employees become demonstrably more efficient. We guide that process through


Creating impact

Organizations often grow organically, so it is not unwise to regularly check whether the current situation still fits the expected future. Take a moment-out to look at what is needed and what you want to prepare your organization for. We support this through moof.impact to ensure that the 'good grounds' are created on which your human potential can flourish.

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Flexibility & internationalization

Your company may benefit from a flexible circle of specialists. Sometimes even formed by international knowledge workers. In addition to the core of your employees. Or at times when your planning requires quick and carefree upscaling and downscaling. Then a partner with experience and the right systems is crucial.


Unusually carefree

Whatever is going on at your company. How you want to attract or retain your talents in the future, if you are looking for specific knowledge or want to cope with temporary pressure, then a partner where you can outsource this carefree is crucial. A partner who does all the usual things about being an employer exceptionally well. So that you can keep your focus on the things that really matter to your organization without any worries.


Certificate International Highly Skilled Migrant

Increasingly, the flexible circle is also of an international nature. Knowledge workers who would like to come and work in the Netherlands, but for whom there is a separate legal process. Moofpeople naturally has the IND certified sponsorship for highly skilled migrants. As a result, we are also of added value for you in this process.


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Would you like to explore the national or international horizon of the labor landscape together? Feel free to contact us without obligation.

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Focus and certainty

Every company is faced with the question; do it yourself or have it done. Many choose to outsource everything that has to do with (legal) employership. Because it is a specialist task with many responsibilities. Contract forms, notice periods, statutory regulations, collective labor agreements, terms of employment, etc. All things that distract you as an entrepreneur from your actual goal; to undertake. And yet you want to be sure that this is all really well arranged.


Convenience and support

The convenience of a party that understands what you do, how you want to deal with your employees and translates all this into daily carefree support is crucial. Moofpeople does nothing but take these worries off the hands of the entrepreneur. So that they can continue to focus on their core business, but remain in control without the daily hassle. It is not without reason that people often say: “I wish you a lot of staff”. With Moofpeople, that wish can easily come true because we do the usual things around being an employer in an unusually good way and without any worries.

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Fortunately, many fellow SME entrepreneurs have already preceded you. They have already taken "the first step" themselves. We would like to invite you to do the same.



Connect and deepen

Intermediaries thrive on the right match of individual and organization. Crucial for one's own reputation means that one must really connect with the individual and delve into the (cultural) organization. That focus and the process surrounding the connection determine the long-term success of you as an intermediary.


Silent and good

That is why you want the match found to be converted silently into the right employment contract, the right employment conditions, pension schemes, etc. That is exactly where our added value lies. Within all laws and regulations, with due observance of collective labor agreements or specific agreements. Realizing all these things unusually well is our professional expertise that we are happy to connect to yours.

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Fortunately, many fellow intermediaries have already preceded you. They have already taken "the first step" themselves. We would like to invite you to do the same.

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Payroll "as a project"

Temporary and correct

Sometimes it takes you by surprise, sometimes it is planned, but always it is temporary work. Employees who report to help deal with a peak or to organize something temporarily. As an employer, you want to see this properly and thoroughly arranged. So that you know what you're getting into and employees are happy to come and work for you because they know that the employership is well defined.


Fast and careful

Temporary work often also means working under (high) pressure. A lot of new employees suddenly means that systems have to scale up and down quickly and flexibly. With a planning portal, you can conveniently see what and when the available capacity is. And all this is done in a careful manner within all laws and regulations.

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