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18 December 2020 | number 14
Our   Moof contemplation
In the last days of 2020 and on the way to the first days in 2021, there is the realization that 2020 was a special year with many questions and uncertainties. Things that fundamentally force us to think about our future. As an individual, as an organization and as a society. That is why the moment of this new year is unique. The step from the year 0 to the year 1 could hardly be more symbolic.

The 0 as in ‘off’ and 1 as in ‘on’ has been the basis of our digital togetherness. Our digital support in the human dimension that we strive for in our moofpeople relationships. That in all the uncertainty and ambiguity also robust conversations were held is beyond dispute. We sincerely hope that these conversations have only strengthened the basis of our relationship. In addition to all other, pleasant, personal and above all connecting conversations! Thank you for that!

From 0 as in ‘closed’ to 1 as in ‘open’ is our hope for 2021. 
Not only for us as human beings, but certainly also for all companies that were or are forced, temporarily, closed; or could or could only get started to a very limited extent. At the same time, and as an important challenge of the coming period, we see working towards a society in which every individual knows how to find or at least maintain a meaningful job again.
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From 0   to 1, Moofpeople will take up the gauntlet in 2021. 
Are we ‘going’ to broaden our development and deepen ourselves towards a “platform” that through work is able to create a positive impact in our world. We are expanding our services, starting a new initiative as a result of our social section and connecting customers, employees and stakeholders to work together on work with impact. In short, working on a world from do good for everyone!

We wish you a break (0) before we get back to work with new energy (1) to make our world a little more beautiful, finer and better together. 
live – work- make -do good 
Update   adequate pension scheme
As is known, the Adequate Pension Scheme will enter into force on 1 January 2021. This scheme replaces the current StiPP (Basic and Plus) pension scheme and applies specifically to the payroll sector. A huge progress on the one hand, but also a challenging job to complete and set up all this on time from 1 January 2021.

Our pension consultancy has promised to complete this next week, so that we, from Moofpeople, can start the external communication with both the individual employees and our payroll clients, you yourself. At the last minute, just in time.
I would like to explain some important parts:
  • As a specialized payroll company, we apply the Adequate Pension Scheme from 1 January 2021; in addition to the disspensed scheme for the Cleaning industry and the Hospitality sector. And in some specific situations, we apply tailor-made solutions, cf. the applicable pension schemes at company level.
  • Within the Adequate Pension Scheme, the employee contribution remains 4% (equal to the current employee contribution via the StiPP Plus scheme). 
  • The age of entry remains 21 years (unchanged)
  • For sectors/companies where no branch or occupational pension scheme applies, pension freedom is again created for new payroll employees. Of course, in this situation, you may choose to apply the Adequate Pension Scheme via Moofpeople. No problem.
  • Employees with a current StiPP pension will be transferred by us as of 1 January 2021 to 1 of the 4 schemes, as stated in the first point above (Adequate, Cleaning, Catering or customization) cf. the applicable legislation and agreements made. This guarantees continuity in pension accrual from 1.1.2021 
As soon as we have the more detailed information next week, this will be communicated further with you. Hopefully we will be able to do this before Christmas. Of course, this also applies to the costs of the new pension scheme(s). Indicatively, I can already indicate that our payroll conversion factor will increase by a maximum of 0.04 (unless someone does not yet have a StiPP pension commitment in 2020 and will make use of the Adequate Pension Scheme as of 2021, then the increase will be 0.09). 
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Wage changes   December 2020
In order to be able to pay the wages with regard to the completion of December 2020 to everyone on time (and we can also take a few days rest around Christmas and the new year … ), it is of course very important that we really receive the corresponding registrations, mutations, details (such as expense allowances, bonuses, end-of-year bonuses, etc.) on time.

I would like to support you in this. In such a way that together we can end this very special year well, to everyone’s satisfaction. So: is there still something in the mailbox, is there still something on the desk or maybe even in ’the head’ … let us as soon as possible, and we will ensure a correct and timely payment. Thank you, I’m sure.
Recognized   Ind   referent
Great news! Since the beginning of November 2020 we are Recognized IND referent in the field of “Labor”. This allows us to obtain residence permits incl. apply for work permits for employees from outside Europe. More specifically, the so-called highly skilled migrants.

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Feel free to contact us if this is playing or is going to play. We are also happy to take care of this ’type’ of payroll and with passion for you!   See also www.ind.nl
Go   Fit   ’21

Quite honestly: for a moment I hesitated. May you make a kind of nod to Covid-19. The virus that dominated the world in 2020 and probably far beyond. I don’t know, but I felt the need to shift the emphasis, from Covid to Go Fit!

From this place I wish everyone, despite everything that has happened this year, happy holidays and a good new year.

But above all: Health!

Working together towards a better future, remains my wish for all of us!

Barneveld, 18 December 2020

Adrie Achterberg

  unusually   carefree     employment

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