Bike of the Business

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As of January 1, 2020, the tax scheme for the 'company bicycle' has changed. It will become easier for employers to let their employees benefit from a company bicycle. Entrepreneurs (for example small entrepreneurs and self-employed persons) can also use the scheme themselves. Company bicycle: how does it work? A bike…

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parental leave


Parental leave. When are you entitled to it? What about if you have several children? Can you record it in one go? We have listed the most frequently asked questions for you. What is Parental Leave? Since 2022, parental leave consists of two parts: 1. Parents receive 9 weeks of paid parental leave in the 1st…

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Filling vacancies in a tight labor market

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(Source: 7 July 2022) A recognizable challenge for many of us: where do I get the right new employees from in this current, again, tight labor market? Help? Tried everything and it still doesn't work..... In the link below, two companies explain how they manage to find new employees. It…

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Transparent and Predictable Employment Conditions Act

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Never nice of course to post a Moof NWS message with a 'legal' article. And certainly not around the start of the summer holidays. Then we naturally want to “sit somewhere else” with our thoughts. Sun, sea, beach, rest, freedom, nature, relaxation. Those kinds of circumstances, so to speak. So: let's go through this "sour apple" together...

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Project and abroad

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You have your organization here in the Netherlands and one or a few employees have to go abroad temporarily, for example for a project. What do you need to arrange? We summarize the most important facts. What is the minimum requirement for an employee to work abroad? You need an A1 statement (certificate of coverage) if you are temporarily…

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Birth leave

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As a partner, you are entitled to birth leave if your wife or partner has given birth. It doesn't matter whether you work full-time or part-time. Birth leave is also known as maternity leave, partner leave or paternity leave. We have listed the most frequently asked questions for you. What is birth or partner leave? Employees, if their partner…

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care leave

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Employees and brothers, sisters, grandparents, grandchildren, housemates and acquaintances are entitled to care leave. For example, to provide necessary care to their sick child, partner or parent. Or to support them if they are in need. There are two serents: short-term and long-term care leave. Read here everything you need to know about care leave… Who can you…

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Working Hours Act

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What exactly is in it. How many hours can you actually work per week? What if you have to work overtime every week? We have listed the most frequently asked questions for you. How many hours can an employee work per day? An employee may work a maximum of 12 hours per shift. A maximum of…

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Sick leave

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Sickness absence is something everyone experiences from time to time. What should you do if you are sick and what should you think about? What are the rights of the employee and what are the obligations? We have listed the most frequently asked questions for you. To whom and when should I report sick? When you…

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absenteeism notifications

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#mental vitality #physical fit As you are used to from us, we are constantly looking for improvements with regard to our services. Improvements aimed at unusually carefree employeeship. In this context, we have designed an absenteeism button and placed it on our website. Please use this absenteeism button for future sick reports. In short 'how it works': On the day of…

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